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Changes in version

  • Added support for new Php optional return types (while exporting to annotations and callbacks) (New!)
  • First Laravel public beta (New!)
  • New "duplicate field" button in Entity editor (New!)
  • Allow import of invalid namespaces starting with "\" in Php
  • Ability to mark entity as explicit MappedSuperclass
  • Upgraded Qt Ribbon library to 4.18.0 to support latest Qt 5.11
  • Improved recovery function after application crash (improved project snapshots)
  • Migrations management in the application
  • Added missing field type validator for Entity editor
  • Abilty to define custom template for new fields added through entity editor
  • New visual symbol for unique nul/not-null columns in diagram
  • Laravel "unsigned" type used as core type instead ORM property
  • Propel2 bugfix for associations to inherited entities. Do not duplicate primary key with same name with base class (support-ticket)
  • Fixed issue with quotation mark escaping in annotations (Doctrine2)
  • Fixed issue in entity editor when duplicate field is added and deleted in editor
  • Fixed exception when selected "do not remove entity" in MN entity removal dialog
  • Fixed tabstop asserts introduced by new Qt 5.11
  • Fixed invalid Laravel migration file name
  • Fixed Laravel invalid primary key export
  • Fixed invalid Laravel migration naming
  • Fixed primary/unique/autoIncrement key generator
  • Laravel export update - space after uses
  • Fixed issue with internal unique counter after previous project recovery
  • Fixed ordering of items in migration down() generator
  • Fixed wrong redistributable in windows installer package
  • Fixed themes distribution through Windows installer

Latest Skipper beta version is




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