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Changes in version

  • Added "reset" field templates for Laravel (New!)
  • First Laravel public beta (New!)
  • New table entity property to define custom database table name (Laravel) (New!)
  • Export Laravel model base classes (New!)
  • Import Laravel project from MySQL workbench - datatypes support (New!)
  • Import Laravel project from MySQL workbench - convert plural table names to singular entity names (New!)
  • Laravel derived class one-time export implemented (New!)
  • Support for Laravel associations in generated base class (New!)
  • Support for pivot attribute customization for ManyToMany (Laravel) (New!)
  • Support for Laravel many-to-many association in generated base class and migrations (New!)
  • Support for custom MN table attributes (Laravel) (New!)
  • Added decimal configuration for Laravel for (double, float and decimal) (New!)
  • Added datatype pairing betwee MySQL Workbench import and Laravel (New!)
  • Added support for multiple PK fields in Laravel (New!)
  • Support for $casts property to define datatypes of fields (New!)
  • Dynamic field templates (New!)
  • New field templates for Doctrine,Doctrine2 and Propel (New!)
  • Create project directly from database model (Sqlite,MySql,Postgres,SqlServer) (New!)
  • Automatically filled aliases for both sides when importing from Database model (New!)
  • Ability to disable export of specific migration (New!)
  • Association aliases generator format is now configurable for each ORM framework independently (New!)
  • Configurable format for "Generate alias" buttons in association wizards (New!)
  • Automatically pre-filled Laravel association aliases (New!)
  • Added association alias validator for ORM frameworks where Aliases are required(doctrine,doctrine2,laravel)
  • Implement better pairing between database and orm datatypes
  • Laravel "unsigned" type used as core type instead ORM property
  • Laravel entities in singular, Laravel tables in plural form
  • Changed Laravel base models namespace to Apps\Models\Base
  • Reworked Php output generator formating for Laravel and CakePhp
  • Removed keyword Base from Laravel base class and base files
  • New validator for invalid multiple primary keys with enabled autoincrement
  • Support for fillable_all property in entity properties. allows all properties to be fillable.
  • Added two-way association aliases to import from MySQL workbench for Doctrine2 and Laravel
  • Automatically defined owner-side aliases for Doctrine2 in plural form
  • Field templates groups (divided by separator)
  • New field templates for primary keys
  • Fixed "public" keyword for exported Laravel primaryKeys
  • Fixed mediumText and longText import from MySQL Workbench
  • Fixed export of enums for Laravel (string vs numeric values)
  • Fixed invalid Laravel migration file name
  • Fixed Laravel invalid primary key export
  • Fixed invalid Laravel migration naming
  • Fixed primary/unique/autoIncrement key generator (Laravel)
  • Laravel export update - space after uses
  • Fixed ordering of items in migration down() generator (Laravel)
  • Fixed Laravel down() migration for field datatype change
  • Fixed export of multiple Laravel modules
  • Fixed Laravel regions support
  • Fixed Laravel default values encapsulating in migrations and models
  • Fixed few more PSR-2 issues (Laravel)
  • Fixed datatype sizes export for non-string and non-numeric datatypes (Laravel)
  • Fixed issue in Doctrine2 export in multiple join columns export
  • Removed FK idnexes from MySQL Workbench import
  • Fixed "timestamp" word in field templates

Latest Skipper beta version is




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I have just installed the version. I use it with a data model for Symfony and Doctrine.

When I double-click on an entity to edit it then I go to the Associations tab, clicking on an association or on the Edit icon doesn't work anymore. Besides, changing a value in the right column after choosing a side association (for example, putting orphanRemoval on true) has no effect when exporting the ORM.

Is it possible to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

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Please try it now (version

1471 works, thank you.

perfect. thanks for info.


I've just installed this new version, and all works perfectly without creating a symbolic link.

Thank you!

Great. Thanks for info.