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Changes in version

  • Laravel: Default size/scale value for double,float and decimal (size=8, scale=2)
  • Added *.sqlite filename mask for Sqlite external importer
  • Added import option to skip initial migration also to Import-to-Existing project
  • Laravel export: Changed inline /* comments to a block
  • Laravel export: added keyword "abstract" to pre-generated classes
  • Laravel export: Added 4 spaces for indenting based on PSR-2
  • Laravel export: better formatting of comment blocks
  • Laravel export: space-padded all operators
  • Laravel export: Configurable export path and namespace for generated php classes
  • Laravel export: Configurable namespace "AbstractModels/Entity" and "AbstractModels/AbstractEntity" for generated classes
  • Laravel: Added "if Schema::hasTable" test to migrations before erasing foreign key
  • Fixed import from MySQL database with sqlmode=onlyfullgroupby
  • Fixed migration issue when entity was moved from one parent to another (module->region or region->region)
  • Fixed Laravel migrations export for onDelete and onUpdate
  • Fixed NOT-NULL flag import in database importer
  • Removed SQLite system tables from Sqlite external importer
  • Fixed SQLite import NULL default value
  • Fixed SQLite import of unique constraint vs unique index
  • Laravel export: Fixed newline formating in generated php classes
  • Fixed Laravel DropIndex export fix (missing quotes)
  • Laravel singluar/plural converter fix for word "data"
  • Laravel singluar/plural converter fix for multi-word (f.e. "AppData")

Latest Skipper beta version is




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