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Changes in version

  • Reworked Laravel migrations logic. Migrations are now exported merged for all modules to be able to export more complex multi-modules relations.
  • Reworked multi-field associations logic. "Unique" field flag is now updated only for single-field associations and leave untouched for multi-field associations when changing one/many-to-many cardinality
  • Configuration to subscribe for automatic beta updates from the application
  • Changed Doctrine2 import logic for missing "nullable" @Column attribute. Based on 2.6 documentation the default value is now false.
  • Fixed decimal import from MySql database to Laravel project
  • Fixed crash when clicking on enable/disable migration button when there is no migration available
  • Fixed Laravel migration for add/remove of NotNull,Unsigned and other boolean flags
  • Fixed Laravel default value migration export in down() function
  • Fixed Laravel migrations issues when more than one module were in the same revision
  • Fixed broken checkboxes in entity editor in field editor on some Linux OS themes
  • Fixed default Doctrine (v1) export path
  • Fixed invalid appear of recovery message after application start when application didn't crash

Latest Skipper beta version is




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