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i have configured doctrine with:
namingstrategy: doctrine.orm.namingstrategy.underscore
so properties in php/or skipper which i usually write camel cased will be mapped to underscored column names.

now i would like to define some indexes in skipper. but i didnt found a possibility to set this naming strategy in skipper so it generates index definitions like so:
@ORM\Index(name="postalCode", columns={"postalCode"}),
where i need it that way:
@ORM\Index(name="postalCode", columns={"postal_code"}),

i am aware of the possibility to set the column name for every column, but with many fields this is very redundant and error prone.

greetings peter

asked Feb 28, 2017 in Solved by phoehne (120 points)

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Hi, currently it is not possible to set such strategy. We already received two more requests for this feature last week so we will implement it very soon.

answered Feb 28, 2017 by ludek.vodicka Skipper developer (127,910 points)
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Hi Phoehne,

Feature you requested is currently available in latest beta. You can download it here: https://support.skipper18.com/402/downloads-skipper-beta

Naming strategy is configurable through db-naming-strategy property for each module.

Please let me know if it works as expected.

answered Mar 17, 2017 by ludek.vodicka Skipper developer (127,910 points)