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Hello Everybody,
in this topic we want to share our ideas, big and small, for future development, and get your feedback to them.

From Little Helpers to new frameworks:
Don't be afraid to ask for features and functions, no matter what the scale is we will consider it. Of course smaller tasks will have best chance of being processed faster, but we are willing to make big changes if it helps our users.

When this will be done?
We cannot promise any deadlines at this moment, but the more commented, more upvoted and better described request will have better chance of being implemented earlier.

researched - we are checking if we can do this and how much will have to be changed
planned - we will definitely do this as soon as time allows
in progress - we are working on this right now
released: - pretty much self-explanatory :)
will not add - features we cannot add

List of features:
Property editor overhaul
Pre-export dialog
Undo/Redo BETA
Doctrine ODM driver - MondgoDB
Copy/paste elements

In progress:
Export result page
Java Hibernate support
Python/Ruby/Perl support
SQLYog support
Client side frameworks support
Support for Laravel/Eloquent frameworks
Support for Yii ORM framework

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I have communicated this with somebody through the chat on the main site, but I would like to drop this here as well to see what others think.
Currently, the only CakePHP version supported by Skipper18 is 2.x (and maybe 1.x).
It would be nice if there would be an update to support CakePHP 3.x as well (which has a big re-design of it's ORM).

Thanks for posting it here. I remember we discussed it here. Unfortunately, you're still the only one with interest for this feature. It seems that most users are currently using Doctrine2, Propel or Laravel (which we're still considering).

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Export result page - in progress

More detailed information about exported files and changes made.

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Java Hibernate support - Planned

Full support for Java Hibernate ORM Framework

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Please do not only integrate hibernate support. General JPA support would be nice, because we (and many other customers) use Eclipselink JPA implementation: https://www.eclipse.org/eclipselink/

A simple pojo style would be fine. Furthermore, it would be fine to get MySQL-Diffs that could be used with Flyway (or somthing else) directly. But it is not needed.

As we (Explicatis) did in Symfony, we can support you with project samples (class definition, big entity models, ...)

Although the main focus will be directed towards Hibernate, we are planning the general JPA support as well.

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Python/Ruby/Perl support - planned

Full support for ORM Frameworks built on Python, Ruby and Perl

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Copy/paste elements - researched

Copy/paste whole sections of the model, from entities, group of entities, up to modules.

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SQL Yog support - researched

We are researching the possibility of support for SQLYog. One of the possibilities might be import of the connection details exported from SQLYog

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Client side frameworks support - researched

Possible support for client side frameworks like Web Atoms, Ext JS is being researched. We are looking for the most promising canditates for support, their architecture and formats.

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Support for Laravel MVC/Eloquent ORM - researched

Full support for Laravel and its Eloquent ORM in ORM Designer.

At the moment the main problem is that Laravel does not use stand alone definition files and stores the definitions straight to the code. We want to reach out to the Laravel community to cooperate on the support:
In case the Laravel would start using separate definition files, or use unified and easily identified notation for its definitions, the support will be implemented pretty easily, and we would be more than happy to implement it straight away.

In case we could not reach similar kind of agreement, we would have to create completely new and much more complicated parsing and import/export system, which would be an undertaking for many months of work and testing.

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Eloquent prides itself on not needing annotations or external definitions. That being said, I would love to have Skipper support for Eloquent. I would be very interested in helping to support, test, and develop this feature where possible. How can I help?

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Support for Yii framework - researched

Integration of full support of Yii ORM framework.

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Auto Export of the Design as a PDF when the export function is used.

I do this manually currently, so it can be included in the documentation with-in the git repo.

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TypeORM support would be very nice: https://typeorm.io

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