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I've reinstalled skipper twice and restarted my computer many times but I still receive the same issue. On, startup it acts as if skipper is running in my task bar and only shows a blank white box offscreen. Any ideas?

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What version are you using? What OS are you using?

When this issue occurred? It's your first installation?

And what means white screen? Can you please send any screenshot?

I am using I am on windows 10. This issue occured yesterday when skipper crashed. It was not my first installation. And I cannot give you a screen shot because the whitbox starts onthe bottom task bar and animates as if it is being opened up offscreen.


For Windows systems, please try to erase following key from registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Inventic s.r.o.\Skipper

It will completely erase all Skipper settings.

Second option is to execute skipper with flag -clear-settings

skipper.exe -clear-settings

The .exe flags worked. Thank you for the help.


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