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I'd like to add a custom index flag, called "spatial" but the app only allows to use fulltext. Could you change that field to allows multiple values?


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Can you please send us a link to documentation where is this flag described?

We would need more info about it. For example which ORM, how to export it, etc...

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I'm talking about Doctrine 2 ORM. I'm using PostreSQL with PostGIS extension. The only thing that I need from Skipper is to allow to set spatial flag on indexes. Like this:

 * @ORM\Entity
 * @ORM\Table(
 *     name="shop",
 *     indexes={
 *         @ORM\Index(name="idx_coordinates", columns={"coordinates"}, flags={"spatial"}),
 *     }
 * )


Do you have any link to documentation? What is the format for XML and YML?

I always use YML.

This is the documentation for MySQL


And PostgreSQL with PostGIS:



I would need a link to Doctrine2 documentation. It's necessary to implement export from Skipper to all supported formats (annotations, YML, XML).

And regarding your answer "I always use YML." You posted annotation sample but you wrote that you're using YML. I'm little bit confused ;-)

This is the Doctrine2 documentation page about Indexes http://docs.doctrine-project.org/projects/doctrine-orm/en/latest/reference/annotations-reference.html#annref-index

Sorry about YAML/Annotation, my mistake.

I don't see any mention of "spatial" index on the link you sent me.