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Is possible to add doctrine uniqueConstraints support like table, schema, repository-class ?

Working exemple :

@ORM\Table(uniqueConstraints={@UniqueConstraint(name="line_user_idx", columns={"line", "user_id"})})


For now i use table field and remove the quote...

Skipper table field value

phone",uniqueConstraints={@UniqueConstraint(name="line_user_idx", columns={"line", "user_id"})})

Output :

 * @ORM\Table(name="phone",uniqueConstraints={@UniqueConstraint(name="line_user_idx", columns={"line", "user_id"})})")

And remove last quote after each export...


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Hi Guillaume,

did you try Unique Indexes in Skipper?

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 * @ORM\Entity
 * @ORM\Table(uniqueConstraints={@ORM\UniqueConstraint(name="line_user_idx", columns={"name"})})
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Thk !!!