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I tried Skipper from few days. Previously I used MySQLWorkbench and I made my export with mysql-workbench-schema-export and I succeed to export columns default values only with Doctrine1 format not with Doctrine2.

I don't find any options to do this.

What are your Doctrine2 export options ?


asked Jun 25, 2017 in Solved by cyberbougnat (120 points)
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By default doctrin2 doesn't support default values. This is the reason why you don't see these values.

If I remeber correctly there is some "hacky" way how to define SQL default values by column->options->default

answered Jun 25, 2017 by ludek.vodicka Skipper developer (127,910 points)

Thanks for your answer. The think that disturbed me is inside Skipper the export filter is named Doctrine2 but in fact the generated file format seems to be a Doctrine1.

Can you confirm this or not ?

Export for Doctrin2 is completely different than export for Doctrine1.

It's a different format and also with different file types. Doctrine1 supports only YML and Doctrine2 supports XML,YML and PHP annotations