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Would it be possible to have a generator / editor of many-to-many, with extra columns?

Yes it is possible to do this manually, but, tool to generate it or to edit a realation of this type would be a comfort.

Person ← one-to-many → Job ← many-to-one → Company

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I'm not sure I understand this request. You want additional columns or tool to create some "magic" relation between 5 entities?

If you need additional columns, you can customise association template (https://help.skipper18.com/expert-usage/customization/extending-templates/) and add as many columns as you need to any object template.

But I don't understand how should work tool to connect 5 entities in the row. This is something which will be very difficult to implement and use too.

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OK, I'm talking about many-to-many with extra columns:




I understand, it is a case that can be done manually, thank you anyway

thank you

Ok, I understand now. This is a limitation of Doctrine2. You're right, it's necessary to create it manually as two one-to-many associations.

Although there can be some option to generate many-to-many as two one-to-many, this can lead to misunderstanding why there are two ways of exporting M:N relation.