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Doctrine2 cascade option SET_NULL is incorrect.

It will result in an Invalid foreign key action: SET_NULL error. I'm using version

Updating the Doctrine2.skipper.cfg.xml solves it!

<!-- http://www.doctrine-project.org/projects/orm/2.0/docs/reference/basic-mapping/en#doctrine-mapping-types -->

    <!-- SET_NULL is Invalid foreign key action, so we override it -->
        <struct name="ManyToManyEntity" section="orm"
            <attribute name="on-delete" type="enum" enum-values="CASCADE|RESTRICT|SET NULL"
                       help-text="Cascade Action (Database-level)"
            <attribute name="on-update" type="enum" enum-values="CASCADE|RESTRICT|SET NULL"
                       help-text="Cascade Action (Database-level). Warning: Removed from version 2.2 (DDC-1628)."

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Thanks for info. We will update it for next release.

This issue is fixed in latest beta (including migration script to update existing SET_NULL values to correct SET NUL).


Please test it and let me know if everything now works as expected. Thanks

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