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I have setup Doctrine such that it is capable of working with MySQL POINT and DISTANCE geometrical data types and functions.

Now I need to define fields as the POINT type, but I am not sure Skipper supports this.

Does it?

 * @ORM\Column(name="geo_point", type="point", nullable=true)
 * @var string $geoPoint
protected $geoPoint;
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it's possible to extend Skipper to work with any datatype you need (as same as you can add/edit any ORM property).

Go to following help page: https://help.skipper18.com/expert-usage/customization/configuration-file-structure and find "Data types definitons" section.

You can edit existing Doctrine2 configuration files (doctrine2.skipper.cfg.xml) or you can create your own file for each project or for all your project (check following page with more info https://help.skipper18.com/expert-usage/customization/configuration-files)

To add "point" type simply add following line to datatype definitions:

  <data-type name="point"/>

and you will be able to use this datatype in skipper.

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well that's just amazing! thank you...

no problem, you're welcome!

What's the 'unified-name' attribute for?

It's a way how to tell Skipper how to translate external datatypes during import. For example when importing MySQL Workbench project, DB Designer project etc. So in you case you don't have to use this attribute at all.

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