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Working on a huge file right now, basically all the connection lines are a complete mess. We already deleted most the labels simply because it made everything even less readable instead of more.

Some highly useful editor productivity features would be:

  • View Hide/Show Inheritance connections
  • View Hide/Show Association connections
  • Select an entity (via option click or special selector tool) and highlight (thicker lines or color maybe) all of it's connections and connected objects (extra credit to be able to highlight with just the first and optionally the entire hierarchy to the selected object)
  • Select a property of an entity and do same just limited to associations and/or relations to that particular property instead the entire entity
  • Select a connection (it highlights now) but also highlight the associated properties and entities
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Hi, thanks for ideas.

Something of what you're asking is already implemented and something is on our todo list together with new diagram component.

  • View Hide/Show Inheritance connections - search for "split" connection
  • View Hide/Show Association connections - search for "split" connection
  • Highlighting - currently it's possible to highlight single connection by moving mouse on the top of connection line

Rest of ideas aren't implemented now but it's definitely on our todo.

enter image description here

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I never noticed split connector, it's very useful! I was hoping for a global toggle however, too - that way you can focus on just inheritance and/or just connections of the entire chart at once.

Highlighting I already use, I just thought it would be even more useful to highlight the connected properties as well, so when tracking the map it's immediately clear what belongs together. Good naming helps with but lots of properties, it's simply more obvious and less time spent reading through the property list.

Anyway thanks for listening to my ideas!

I definitely agree that our diagram component needs some love. Currently we're working on core components but after that we want to focus on diagram too.

Thanks for sharing ideas too, a lot of ideas from our users were already implemented in Skipper and helped us to make our app better!

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I would like to suggest another feature. A toggle that shows inherited properties. I would suggest they are lighter in color to indicate they come from a base entity. Bold or black when overriden.

This way looking at an entity that inherits would show a more complete picture.

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